Vision, Mission, Values & Goals

Vision Statement

DBRL’s vision is to encourage reading and lifelong learning. Everyone in our diverse communities will have open access to library services that expand minds, empower individuals and enrich lives.

Mission Statement

DBRL connects our communities to the world of information and ideas.


Our core values are the foundation upon which we perform our work and interact with each other and our communities. We believe in:

  • Service Excellence
  • Free and Equal Access to Library Services
  • Integrity and Trust


Strategic Goals
  1. Expand and enhance library services and the patron experience.
    Patrons throughout the library’s service area will have timely and easy access to expanded or enhanced patron-focused library services that provide positive experiences and excellent value.

  2. Increase awareness of the library’s value.
    Our community will gain a greater understanding of DBRL’s value, relevance and stewardship.
  3. Enhance organizational effectiveness.
    The library will have an organizational structure and a staff development plan that effectively support delivery of high quality library services to our growing population.
Service Goals
  1. Promote a love of reading in young children.
    Children and their parents will benefit from programs and services designed to support children’s ability to enter school ready to learn, read, write and listen.

  2. Promote lifelong learning.
    People of all ages will have access to programs and services that facilitate exploration of personal interests and independent learning, and encourage the development of lifelong learning skills.
  3. Encourage reading, viewing and listening for pleasure.
    Patrons will have access to programs, services and materials that entertain and stimulate the imagination.
  4. Facilitate information fluency and use of information.
    Patrons will view the library as their preferred source for locating, evaluating and using reliable information resources.
  5. Provide comfortable physical and virtual spaces.
    Library users will enjoy welcoming, comfortable and easily accessible facilities, and complementary virtual spaces and services that expand access to information and online services.
  6. Provide connections to the online world.
    Everyone in the community will have the opportunity to access and connect to the online world through library technology.
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