Board of Trustees

Board MeetingBoard Meeting

The DBRL Board of Trustees meets monthly at 6 p.m. on the first Thursday after the second Tuesday of the month. The Boone County, Callaway County and Columbia Library District boards meet as needed. For information about upcoming board or committee meetings, please contact the Administrative office.

The DBRL Board of Trustees is made up of 19 volunteers. As authorized by state statute, the Columbia Library District has nine members appointed by the mayor, and these trustees can serve up to three, three-year terms. Boone and Callaway County library district boards have five members each, appointed by their respective commissioners, and these serve four-year terms with no limit. A contract binds our three member library districts into a regional library system under the authority of the Revised Statutes of Missouri (RSMo) 70.210.

Each trustee serves on his/her own district board as well as the DBRL Board. The DBRL Board serves as the governing body and makes all library system policy and budget decisions. The attached brochure provides more detailed information about the library trustee's role for prospective library board applicants.

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