Literary Links Column

This column, compiled by library staff, appears monthly in the Ovation section of the Columbia Daily Tribune. Each article contains a short list of books on a timely topic.


October Our White House
September Art
August Aging Parents
July National Parks
June One Read Finalists
May Summer Reading
April A Journey Into Dance
March End of Life
February Midlife Crisis
January Debut Novels


December Essentialism
November Local Authors
October Found in Translation
September A New Golden Age of Television
August Apocalyptic Fiction
July Nautical Adventures
June One Read Top 10
May Summer Reading 2015
April Poetry and Prose
March A Journey Continues
February The Promise of Groundhog Day
January Brain/Mind/Change


December Travel Inspired Cookbooks
November Sleep and Dreams
October Infectious Diseases
September We Are Your Place for Business!
August One Read 2014
July The Great War: One Hundred Years Later
June One Read 2014 – Final 10
May Summer Reading 2014
April The Art of Photography
March Historical Fiction
February Presidential Lives: Books and Biographies About United States Presidents
January Of Nature and Men


December Memories in Ink: Diaries, Journals and Letters
November Remembering John F. Kennedy
October America's Music
September One Read 2013
August The Charm of Paris
July Summertime Sports Reads
June Top Ten Finalists of One Read 2013
May Summer Reading 2013
April Stress, Stress, Stress, Stress World
March National Women’s History Month
February Human Rights
January Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...


December End-times literature
November Homegrown Literati
October Presidential Campaigns
September Inspired by Jane Austen
August One Read 2012
July London and the Olympics
June Top Ten Finalist of One Read 2012
May Dreams and Nighttime
April Downton Abbey
March National Women's History Month
February Black History Month
January New Beginnings


December Families: Fiction & Memoir
November Americans Abroad
October Teen Titles with Adult Appeal
September Race, Ethics and Medicine
August Family Relationships
July Armchair Travel
June One Read 2011
May Living Online
April Southern Literature
March Contemporary British Fiction
February Love Stories
January Science


December Biography
November Science Fiction
October Food & Society: Farm, Factory & Fork
September One Read Author Dan Chaon
August Scandinavian Crime Fiction
July One Read 2010
June Dive in to Summer Reading
May Nature Writing
April Humor
March Population Growth
February Public Art
January Self-Help


November Giving
October Daniel Boone
September History of Dictionaries
August One Read 2009
July Back to School
June One Read 2009
May Summer Reading for Kids & Parents
April Travel
March Sustainability & Economics
February Ireland & Irish Authors
January Abraham Lincoln & Charles Darwin


December 200th Anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe
November Romance
October Mystery
September Politics and Elections 2008
August One Read 2008
July China
June One Read 2008
May Summer Reading 2008
April Green Gardening
March Poetry
February Documentaries
January Black History Month


December Healthy Lifestyle
November Food in Travel and History
October Fan Fiction
September One Read 2007
August Africa in Crisis
July Global Warming
June One Read 2007
May Graphic Novels Made into Movies
April Storytelling
March Abraham Lincoln
February Baseball


December Terrorism and 9/11 -- Fiction
November War and Warriors
October Teen Read 2006
September Banned Books
August One Read 2006
July Immigrant Experiences
June One Read 2006
May Summer Reading 2006
March Poker
February Memoirs
January C.S. Lewis


December Environment and Humanity
November Books and Movies
October Downloadable Audiobooks
September Following The Da Vinci Code
August One Read 2005
July Landscaping and "Hardscaping"
June One Read 2005
May Fantasy Fiction
April Gardens and Landscaping
March Women Explorers and Adventurers
February The Da Vinci Code
January Computers and Other Digital Gadgets


December Coming-of-age Fiction
November Residential Architecture
October Architecture History
September Politics and Elections 2004
August Photography
July One Read 2004
June Lewis and Clark
May Audio Books
April Poetry
March Secret Societies and Religious Conspiracies
February The Civil War: Nonfiction
January The Civil War: Fiction


December Dieting
November Horse Racing
October Fiction Classics
September Mormons and History
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