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Audiobooks Our downloadable audiobook service from OverDrive offers thousands of popular titles for adults, teens and children that you can download at home, to your laptop or to a mobile device.

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  • You will need the free OverDrive Media Console software to listen to OverDrive audiobooks.
  • This service is only available to patrons in our designated service area. Please contact support if you have questions about availability.
  • Check out up to 10 titles at a time (for 7, 14 or 21 days). MP3 titles can be returned early.
  • Titles cannot be renewed, but you can check them out again after they expire if they are still available.
  • Place a hold on up to 7 titles that are on loan to someone else.
  • See the Quick Start Guide for complete instructions.
  • For answers to questions and problems visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


  • You can download an entire book or you can select parts to download.
  • Let others know if you liked the book by assigning a 1-5 star rating to books you've checked out. (You can see a list of titles you've rated by accessing your OverDrive account.)
  • You will not be able to check out and download audiobooks if your library card has expired or is blocked.
  • The Windows Media Player Security Upgrade feature in OverDrive Media Console does not work with Windows Vista 64-bit. However, you can upgrade the security component directly from Microsoft.com. (Requires Internet Explorer.)
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