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I have created an account through the Daniel Boone Regional Library RB Digital Zinio site. I then created an account through the regular Zinio service. Why am I not able to see my magazines?

Be sure that you have created both accounts using identical emails and passwords. If you need to change your Zinio account password, you may contact Zinio for a password reset.

I am not able to download a Zinio app for my Kindle Fire from the Amazon app store. How do I get an app for my Kindle Fire?

The app is currently not available from the Amazon app store.

First, you will need to change settings. Go to the settings menu on the Kindle. Press: More>Device>Allow installation of Applications (from unknown devices)>select “ON.” Second, navigate to, and then tap on the link for downloading the APK. Find the list of downloads (it is usually an icon in the top left corner of the browser). Tap on the file that was just downloaded and select “install.” After it is installed, there should be an option to open the app.

Can I read my downloaded magazines offline?

Although magazines must be checked out through the DBRL RBDigital site and then the Zinio site, after that they can then be viewed offline with the Zinio app on mobile devices and the Zinio Reader on desktops/laptops.

I just downloaded the Zinio app to my computer/device. How do I access the magazines I checked out through the app?

To log-in to the Zinio app, you must use the same email and password that you established when signing up for Zinio. Once you log in using your email and password information, your magazines will immediately appear in the Zinio app. To read about signing up for the service, please see the quick start guide.

Once I subscribe to a magazine title, will I continue to receive new issues?

You do not automatically receive new issues of a title after initially checking out a magazine. To obtain the next issue, you will need to go back to the DBRL digital magazine collection page and check out the new issue

Do I have to return magazine titles once they are downloaded to my device?

No, the magazines will remain on your device until you decide to delete them. To remove or restore Zinio titles, click on the Edit button in the Zinio app, or edit your Reading List in your Zinio online account.

I am trying to read a magazine on my device, but it keeps telling me that I need to download Adobe Flash player.

Adobe Flash player is needed to read certain titles in the browser-based reader. Please check your device’s compatibility with Adobe Flash to see if you are able to download. Adobe Flash player is incompatible with some mobile devices that allow the Zinio app. (Please note: It is strongly suggested that Zinio users with hand-held devices such as tablets and smartphones download and view magazines on the Zinio app, instead of the browser based viewer.)

How many magazines can I download?

You can download an unlimited number of titles, but you are limited by the space available on your device or computer. While most magazines take up 30-50 MB of memory, interactive magazines (such as National Geographic Interactive with embedded video, audio, etc.) can be up to 50-100 MB.

I’m trying to download the Zinio app to my desktop/laptop, but it keeps telling me I need to install Adobe Air.

Adobe Air needs to be downloaded and installed for the Zinio Reader 4 to work properly. It can be downloaded for free.

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