Daniel Boone

Origin of the Library's Name

  • Boone County was created in 1820 out of the territory of Howard in the area known as the "Boon’s Lick Country” from a salt spring worked by Daniel Boone’s sons. The Daniel Boone Regional Library was named when the regional library system formed in 1959. The name was suggested by a patron, Mrs. Ruby Hulen of Sturgeon. The library does not have any special archival material pertaining to the Boone family.

Boone Biographies

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Boones in Missouri

Historic Sites in Missouri Associated with the Boone family

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Boone Family Genealogy

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Related Sites

  • The Boone Society
    The Society “was formed as a reference service for researchers, a conduit for genealogists, clearing-house for bibliographical works, and to host the biennial Boone Family Reunion.”
  • Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail
    Boone followed Indian trails to lead a group of settlers from Virginia to Kentucky through the Cumberland Gap in 1775.
  • State Historical Society of Missouri Manuscript Collection
    Includes the Lyman Draper Collection and other documents pertaining to the Boone Family and frontier life.
  • Where is Daniel Boone buried?
    Boone died at his son’s home near Defiance, Missouri in 1820. However Daniel Boone has two gravesites, one in Marthasville, Missouri and one in Frankfort, Kentucky.

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