St. Louis Art Museum Touch Kits

Art of China and Japan

Click to see our newest kit covering the art of China and Japan.

The Daniel Boone Regional Library has circulating educational art kits as part of a partnership with the St. Louis Art Museum. As one of four satellite resource centers in Missouri, these museum “touch kits” are available to be checked out to interested individuals, teachers and groups. The kits are available for a four-week check-out period. They are housed at the Columbia Public Library but can be picked up at any library or bookmobile stop by placing a hold or asking our staff.

Each kit includes replicas of art objects and artifacts which can be handled and looked at up close, as well as slide kits, posters, books and either audiocassettes or videos. DBRL has kits covering the following themes:

  • American Indian Art
  • American Colonial Art
  • American Folk Art
  • American Westward Movement
  • African Art
  • The Ancient Mediterranean World
  • Art of China and Japan
  • Preschool Art Access
Touchable objects in the Ancient Mediterranean World kit.

Touchable objects in the Ancient Mediterranean World kit include a head of Zeus, a spear point, a scarab, an Egyptian cat sculpture and a ceramic oil lamp.

This expanded distribution of the museum's resources through community partnerships is intended to strengthen arts education programs, increase awareness of the visual arts and broaden the audience for the museum's collection.

The Saint Louis Art Museum is one of the country's leading art museums with more than 100 galleries and a collection of more than 30,000 art treasures from ancient times to the present. The museum also houses Richardson Memorial Library, the largest public center for the history and documentation of art in the central Midwest.

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